Manu Expedition

5 days expedition
US$1,660 *
* In conjunction with any other Expedtion.

The Madre de Dios River, as it is known in modern times, has for centuries been the Amaru Mayu (River of Serpents) to the local population.  After meandering some 3,000 Km through Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil, changing its name three times, it finally flows into the Amazon River with twice the discharge  volume of the Mississippi river. 
The Manu National Park has the highest biodiversity among protected areas in the world. With 1,000 species of birds including Peru’s National bird the Cock of the Rock, the Park is also home to over 200 species of mammals including  the Spectacled Bear, Otter, Tapir, Deer, Jaguar, and 15 species of Monkeys.

Day 1

Today’s drive will take us to the headwaters of the Madre de Dios river on the eastern slope of the Andes. This is a full day drive, with stops at the Chullpas de Ninamarca, and the town of Paucartambo.. We will camp at the Tres Cruces lookout for a gorgeous view of the Amazon Basin, and weather permitting, a sunrise over the Amazon.
Overnight: Camp Tres Cruces.

Day 2

Today we will travel to Itahuania… the end of the road.
The final 100 Km of this drive will take us out of the mountains and into the Amazon Jungle. Along the way, it will regal us with a shocking change in scenery; from the dry fertile highlands, to the humid dense Amazon Jungle.
 Along the way, our guide will program several stops for short hikes into the jungle for an introduction to the local flora and fauna, including the beautiful “Cock of the Rock”, Peru’s national bird.
Overnight: Camp Intihuania.

Day 3 and 4

The river is now our highway, so we must leave the trucks and board a longboat, for a ride down river to the Pankotsi Lodge, run by the Matsiguenka Tribe.  During two days, we will immerse ourselves in the  life along the river, sharing experiences in local hunting and fishing techniques, medicinal plants, cooking and liquor production,  interspersed with hikes day and evening hikes to view the animal world.
Overnight: Room at Pankotsi Lodge; Meals Included

Day 5

Early boat ride back to the trucks for our climb back into the mountains and the city of Cusco.
Overnight: Camp Quinta Lala Cusco.